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Food Pantry To A Micro Market

Open pantries with free food had become a staple in many offices as a company perk and way to keep employees fueled throughout the day.

This benefit could be seen as a reliable recruiting and retention tool. But that was pre-pandemic. A typical pantry set-up would center around buying a limited number of items in bulk for employees to self-serve.

Since COVID-19, shared food service options are no longer sustainable as an at-work solution.

Many companies are finding more quality, value, and variety in micro markets compared to pantry services they had previously offered. With this greater variety and more healthy and fresh items, employee satisfaction is sure to increase.

Worried about losing the perception of ‘free food’ when transitioning away from pantry services? Don’t be.

Micro markets offer the ability to provide meal allowances (set daily or weekly stipends per employee) so employees actually get more control over their food benefit. If the state of the economy has made it hard for a company to maintain a fully-subsidized food or snack program, a micro market can offer more discretion in how employee benefits budgets are managed. Working with the market operator, companies can determine certain promotions they would like to run to meet employee preferences and could also offer one-time use coupons as a reward system for employees.

The micro market food service program is customized and managed completely by the market operator, including automatic adjustments based on supply and demand, company preferences and employee requests, the size of the workforce, and more. With over 40 years in the industry, Evergreen Refreshments can help companies in the pacific northwest meet their at-work foodservice needs. including adding an Avanti Markets micro market for the first time or switching from pantry services to a micro market to meet changing needs for food service at work.

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